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How do I get XScreensaver to work under KDE?

KDE has its own screensaver. You need to turn it off and then configure it to use XScreensaver. Here's how from the XScreensaver manual:

NOTE: for PCLinuxOS, you want to replace /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kscreenlocker with a shell script containing the contents the instructions specify for krunner_lock. Also note that you will have to start XScreensaver before this will start working. You can logout/in or you can just run:
xscreensaver &
to get'er goin'.

UPDATE: I upgraded a lot on 7/29/2013 and KDE updates were included.  Now KDE launches the screensaver  via kscreenlocker_greet (as opposed to krunner_lock or kscreenlocker), because "_greet" makes so much more sense. Whatever. I think they just want you to use their stuff rather than other stuff and try to force you because their stuff is BORING.

Anyway, here's my complete list of instructions about this to myself:

How to use xscreensaver instead of KDE's default on PCLinuxOS (as of version 2012.8):

Install xscreensaver:
1. use the Synaptic package manager or at a command line:
apt-get install xscreensaver

Disable KDE's screen saver:
1. In the menus, go to More Applications | Configuration | Configure Your Desktop
(note: can be started from a command line with "systemsettings")
2. Open "Display and Montors"
3. Click "Screen Saver"
4. untick "Start automatically after ..."

Locate the Autostart path:
1. back on the "Configure Your Desktop" dialog, open "Account Details"
2. click "Paths"
3. make a note of the "Autostart path"

Make xscreensaver start automatically:
1. create a new file with a name ending in ".desktop" in the directory indicated by your "Autostart Path"
2. put this in it:
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=xscreensaver -no-splash

Make the KDE screen lock widget button work with xscreensaver:
1. navigate as root to /usr/lib/kde4/libexec
2. rename kscreenlocker to something else, like kscreenlocker.saver
NOTE: might also be kscreenlocker_greet or krunner_lock.
3. create a file in there called kscreenlocker and put this in it:
xscreensaver-command -lock

Get the configuration menu item to show up:
1. as root, edit: /usr/share/applications/xscreensaver-properties.desktop
2. delete the last line "notshownin=KDE"
3. save it. It should now show under the menus in More Applications | Configuration

And that's it. Use xscreensaver-demo to configure it.



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