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Why does my Nintendo DS Lite flash the screen and turn itself off after I replaced the top screen?

I replaced the top screen on my Nintendo DS Lite, and now when I turn it on, the power light comes on and the screen flashes and it turns itself off. What's wrong?

Could be a number of things, but if you repaired it carefully, and are fairly confident you didn't damage anything and nothing else is broken, it is probably a poorly seated ribbon cable.

Disassemble the unit enough to reseat any ribbon cables you took disconnected during your repair. Note that the "wide" ribbon cables have tabs that should pretty much rest up against the connector when the cable is inserted. It can feel like the cable won't go on, but if you see a millimeter or so gap between the connector on the board and the tab on the cable, it isn't deep enough.

To set it deeper, I wrap the tips of needlenose pliers in plastic electrical tape and gently grip and slip the cable in deeper before dropping the locking tab into place. I wrap the pliers in tape so and rough metal edges don't cut the cable.


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