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How do I get my wireless LAN working with Debian Lenny on my Dell E6500?

[the following from my experience with a Broadcom BCM4312, Debian Lenny (amd64 build), Dell E6500]


deb lenny main contrib non-free


it will start a UI asking to update firmware. agree.

if not already installed:


If nothing listed: modprobe b43

if you don't see a wireless interface, make sure you don't have it turned off via a hardware switch. Reboot.
if you still don't see a wireless interface, try the Debian Squeeze driver. You will have to build it on Lenny:

(note: I had to do this with mine, which as pci device id 14e4:4315 [you can find yours using lspci -nn])
(note2: these module build instructions are a summary of those at:

if you still don't see a wireless interface, I'm stuck.



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