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How do I get a newer version of PHP for CentOS than is available for RHEL?

I have a PHP app that needs PHP 5.2 features, but the latest version available for RHEL is 5.1.x, and therefore the official CentOS distribution only also hasn't a 5.2 version available. Is there a way I can get a 5.2 package for CentOS

RackSpace Hosting provides a community service that provides up-to-date builds of RHEL RPM content.

Visit: http://iuscommunity.org/getting-started/

In short:

  1. find your installed CentOS release: cat /etc/issue
  2. find your release repository by drilling down into: http://dl.iuscommunity.org/pub/ius/stable/Redhat/
  3. revise your repository configuration. Further instructions here: http://wiki.iuscommunity.org/Doc/ClientUsageGuide#Configuration
  4. enter: yum erase php*
  5. after that, you can "yum install" anything in the IUS repo.


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