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Can you explain curly braces around variables in PHP?

July 29, 2011
I don't quite get curly braces around variables in PHP. Can you explain or show me where to find information on that in the PHP manual?

Can you give me a script to compare all files in directory A with files in directory B?

I need a bash script that will diff all files in directory A that are also in directory B and put the differences in files in directory C. I also need it to tell me if any files were added to or deleted from directory A relative to directory B. Thanks, you're a dear


How can I diagnose and repair bad blocks on SMART-capable disks?


How can I get 64-bit Linux to connect via Cisco VPN stuff?


How can I get automount to mount a filesystem without noexec?

Everytime automount mounts this filesystem it puts the noexec option on. How can I get it to mount the filesystem exec?

How can I get FTP to traverse all directories on my CentOS filesystems?

I have this development sandbox, see, and it is really annoying to have to upload via ftp and then copy over stuff I'm doing, but when I FTP right to /var, I can't see anything under it.

How can I get Windows 7 to connect to a Samba share?

June 14, 2011
When I try to connect, it keeps telling me my credentials are wrong.

How can I log queries as they hit a MySQL server?


How can I make web pages outside Apache's document root accessible?

July 29, 2011
I want to make some files in a directory that is not under Apache's document root accessible on the web. How?

How can I move my SVN repository from one server to another?


How can I set the SGID bit recursively on all subdirectories only under a directory?


How can I stop my IP address getting added to hosts.deny?

August 23, 2011
I get this error: sh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host trying to connect with SSH. On the server, my IP address keeps getting automatically added to the /etc/hosts.deny file. How can I make this stop?

How do get PHP CGIs working with nginx on CentOS?

I want to use PHP via the FastCGI interface with nginx on CentOS. How do I do that?


How do get to Joomla's admin interface?


How do I add a new path to the list searched for shared libraries on Linux?


How do I change the desktop menu in LXDE on Debian?


How do I change the GDM greeter (login) screen background on Ubuntu (Lucid)?


How do I change the print font size in Eclipse?

Everything is HUGE!

How do I configure an Ultraedit tool on Linux to open a terminal on that path to the current file?


How do I connect to my VirtualBox guest via NAT?


How do I create a new object in Ariadne from a template?

May 12, 2011

How do I disable caching for my TYPO3 plugin?

I'm working on a plugin and I want to prevent TYPO3 from caching its content. How?

How do I edit and persist iptables changes on Debian?

I can't find an iptables.conf file or anything in scripts yanking a config in.

How do I enable multibyte string processing in PHP on CentOS, RedHat, etc., Linux?


How do I fix "FATAL 14:32 ContextHandlerImpl> Failed to initialse the PEP ContextHandler" with Fedora Repository?

I installed Fedora with FeSL and get this error the first time I try to start Fedora: FATAL 14:32 ContextHandlerImpl> Failed to initialse the PEP ContextHandler

How do I fix the "The magic method __set() must have public visibility and cannot be static" error in Ariadne?

when I hit my site with Ariadne, I get this error: The magic method __set() must have public visibility and cannot be static

How do I get a newer version of PHP for CentOS than is available for RHEL?

I have a PHP app that needs PHP 5.2 features, but the latest version available for RHEL is 5.1.x, and therefore the official CentOS distribution only also hasn't a 5.2 version available. Is there a way I can get a 5.2 package for CentOS

How do I get around an "ackage javax.servlet.http does not exist" error compiling SWORD for Fedora?

June 29, 2011

How do I get around NAT problems between VMWare and Windows 7?


How do I get Debian Lenny, Eclipse Helios (PDT), and Subclipse 1.6 to work together?


How do I get dual monitors working on PCLinuxOS and the Intel i915 mobile video chipset?


How do I get My Life Organized (MLO) cloud sync to work under Wine?

I get OLE error 80004001 during a sync.

How do I get my webcam to work with Skype / Camorama / Cheese / Other?

It's just blank. The camera doesn't turn on. Etc.

How do I get my wireless LAN working with Debian Lenny on my Dell E6500?


How do I get rid of all those ereg* and reference passing deprecated errors in Ariadne?

May 12, 2011
When I run Ariadne 2.7.x on PHP 5.3.x I get a lot of ereg... function deprecated errors. I also get deprecated errors about call-time pass-by-reference among others.

How do I get rid of the mysql_db_query() deprecated function error with Ariadne and PHP 5.3?

I get an error about mysql_db_query() being deprecated when trying to store a template in Ariadne. How do I get rid of it?

How do I get Sparx Enterprise Architect to display better under Wine?


How do I get the Edimax nano USB Wireless adapter to work on PCLinuxOS?

I have a model EW-7811Un Edimax wireless 802.11b/g/n nano USB wireless adapter. It doesn't work when I stick it in. The Linux driver won't compile.

How do I get VLC Media Player to play videos on PCLinuxOS?

I put the DVD in and start VLC, but it doesn't play discs.

How do I get XScreensaver to work under KDE?


How do I install Virtual Box Guest Additions 3.x on CentOS 5.5?


How do I let root login via FTP on Debian?


How do I list all cron entries for all users on Linux?


How do I list the size and total size of files in a directory on Linux?


How do I make Subversion work with SSH on Linux or Windows?


How do I require authentication for only one page in WordPress?

I want to require a user to authenticate only if he/she hits http://www.example.com/sample-page

How do I run Linux command so it keeps going when I logout?


How do I scan via Linux from my Epson Workforce 845 over my network?


How do I turn on debug mode in my Ariadne templates?

August 21, 2011
I would like to turn on some sort of debug feature so I can see debug messages from Ariadne.

How do I upload a file via HTTP POST from server A to server B with PHP?

I need a PHP app on server A to send a file to a Java applet on server B via its REST API. How can I do that?

Is there a web service I can call to get the current local time for a city?


What are the relationships between Forms and screens in OSRMT?

I'm having trouble finding which forms to customize to change different views I see on the screen in OSRMT. What Forms affect what I see where?

What is Joomla's default admin account name?


What is the default admin u/p for "The Fascinator"?

I installed "The Fascinator" and hit it at http://localhost:9997/portal, now how do I login as an administrator?

What's the diff between a 2D C++ array defined as char x[][] and one defined as char ** x and dynamically allocated?


When developing for Joomla, how do tell Joomla to upgrade an extension?

It's really annoying to have to uninstall and install a component in Joomla every time I make a change as I'm developing. Is there a way to at least tell it to allow me to install over the extension if it is already there?

Where can I find some good LXDE info?


Where can I find some sites on drawing?

May 19, 2011
I need some pointers, tutorials, instructions on pencil drawing.

Why can't I make a MySQL connection with user@localhost if the user is created as user@'%'?

On a Linux system I have a MySQL server running. I create a user as someuser@'%', but when I try to connect I get "Access denied for user 'someuser'@'localhost'..." I thought "%" would match anything .....

Why can't I read the default value of the parameter I added to my Joomla extension?

I added a parameter to my Joomla extension's XML file, but when I use params->get() in my code I get null or an empty string.

Why can't I see my Google Calendar on my iPhone?

I have a Google Calendar, and I want to access it via the Calendar app on my iPhone, but it doesn't show in my Calendars. How can I access it?

Why can't I see scrollbars and menu highlights in UltraEdit 3 for Linux?

I am using UE for Linux with the 32-bit tar package and I can't see any menu highlighting, scrollbars, icon highlighting, etc. When I start it from a command line, I get a number of messages about pixbuf errors.

Why do I get "Failed to load magic database at '/usr/share/file/magic'" error in my error_log on CentOS running Omeka?

I've installed Omeka on CentOS 5.5 with PHP 5.3 from IUS and I get " Failed to load magic database at '/usr/share/file/magic' " when I try to upload a .png. What's going on?

why do I get "Job found still running after platform shutdown. " starting my app?

I start my Eclipse app (Archi) and I get this error on the console: "Job found still running after platform shutdown." How do I fix it?

Why do I get a 403 forbidden when I try to access content in a subdirectory under the doc root with Apache httpd?

I install the Apache web server and copy a directory of stuff into a subdirectory under the document root but get a 403 forbidden when trytin to access it. How do I fix it?

Why do I get a comunication link failure from java connecting to mysql?

June 29, 2011
I get this error: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Communications link failure when trying to connect to MySQL via Java.

Why does my Nintendo DS Lite flash the screen and turn itself off after I replaced the top screen?

I replaced the top screen on my Nintendo DS Lite, and now when I turn it on, the power light comes on and the screen flashes and it turns itself off. What's wrong?

Why does Shutter give an error opening an image on startup?

I get "There was an error opening the image." for image 'sel_window_menu.svg' when starting Shutter on PCLinuxOS. Details: "Unrecognized image file format". What is that about and how do I fix it?

Why does VLC play music and sound effects but not voice tracks from DVDs?

I play a DVD and everything works, including music and sound effects, but there is no voice sound when people talk.

Why won't my GE Quiet Power 3 dishwasher drain completely?